October 2018

Bittersweet. I guess a good term to describe this month. I find people fall (no pun intended), into one of two categories with Autumn, they either love it or maybe, not so much.  Like the bittersweet vine pictured above, some plants come into their full beauty in the fall.  This humble vine goes pretty much undetected all summer until the leaves drop and these beautiful colors appear.  I have often said that I feel like New Years should be September.  Children go off to school/college – new grade, new school perhaps, fresh start.  So too each year as parents we re-define ourselves whether we realize it or not.  Adjusting to the new schedule, the one less plate at the dinner table, etc.  We can use this opportunity to come into our own.  Maybe a little more focus on ‘mom’.  Pick up a new project, make a vow to take more walks.  What ever you need to re-set your compass just a little, fall is the perfect time to let your beautiful colors show!  I’ve added several new recipes, especially some delicious apple desserts.  Look for this Dutch Apple Pie recipe, super easy, I promise you!!  And as always try hitting some of the great promos being offered by Amazon on my site, I often show product links that offer the same or similar products that I use!