Container Garden with Height!

I have a very large clay pot on my patio.  It is challenging to fill so that it looks lush and full, primarily because it would take so much soil to do so.  Also, since I am in a climate with freezing winters, I would have to empty it at the end of each season so the pot would not crack.  I came up with this solution.  I have a “saucer sled” – yes, the kind that kids like to go sledding on – that fits perfectly a few inches down into the pot.  I fill this with dirt and plants.  Regardless, I feel that height always adds more visual interest, so I stacked bricks in the center and placed an already potted plant atop the bricks.  To secure it in place, I used a decorative garden stake that is pushed through the bottom of the potted plant.  Be sure to leave just enough space between the bricks to hold the stake securely in place.  Now at the end of the season, clean up is a cinch and the summertime results show a pot that looks overflowing and colorful.

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