Displaying Family Treasures

I recently came into owning a collection of heirloom pocket watches that were in my husband’s family.  They all have a bit of history attached and some were quite intricate and beautiful.  However, what to do with them??  They had come out of being stored here and there in drawers and I hated to do the same.  I feel that items that are unique and give you some joy should be out to look at.  I purchased a glass box and have them out, this way the collection stays together and keeps them clean and contained at the same time.  If you have special items that you would like to have out, but are not sure what to do with, here is my advice.  Primarily, items displayed should have the same ‘theme’ to keep them from being put out at random.  This way it is obviously a “collection” and not just clutter.  Containers such as glass boxes or domes help to protect your precious pieces.  Shadow boxes are also terrific for making unique displays for collected items, see my post on Shadow Boxes I had made with baby mementos.

This side table holds pictures with a common theme. All are baby christening and first communion pictures. The mementos are baby cups and first shoes.