February 2018

Here we are, already one full month into the new year.  This will be one very exciting month as we celebrate the achievements of our Olympians at the Winter Olympics in Peyoung Chang.  I posted the picture above as an nod to my daughter, who has been pursuing her dream as well.  In December she competed at Team Selections for moguls in Winter Park, Colorado and made it into finals!  She is committed to her sport with constant year-round training and coaching to keep in peak shape.  I am always inspired by her and all athletes in such elite levels of their various sports.  I savor all the personal stories of the dedication and sacrifices made along the way to their dreams.  We can all take away something from their commitment – a conscious decision to try to be the best at whatever it is that motivates us.  Make this February a start to becoming the best version of yourself for you and all those around you.