Fresh Lemons – Indoors!









I purchased this little lemon “tree” a few years ago.  Truthfully it was just a little plant, but I was intrigued as to whether it would actually produce lemons or not.  It always flowered and the scent was intoxicating, but didn’t really produce anything that grew larger than a marble then fell off.  Nonetheless, it continued to grow and I was just happy with the flowers.  It spends all summer outside and comes in around late fall.  Then I move it to a very sunny location.  This year I received a bumper crop of lemons!  It is so satisfying to pluck them for use in the kitchen.  I noted that as the lemons were growing and ripening the plant was shedding almost all of it’s leaves.  It is nearly bare.  I am assuming that as the lemons grow all the energy is going into fruit production and as the lemons are harvested, then it will grow new leaves as I can see the buds forming already.  It really is a great fuss-proof plant and one I highly recommend trying.  I am going to try to force it into a small tree – I’ll keep you posted.