Fresh Water Salmon Fishing and how the Dad’s prepared the Catch!

A few of my husband’s friends and their sons, went fishing for salmon on Lake Ontario.  It was quite an experience for all of them and the amount of fish was crazy!

It was professionally cleaned and packaged up to take home.  We decided to have a fish dinner with all the participants and the families.  The men did all the “fish work”, dividing it up, coming up with a plan to cook, etc.  Some was placed directly on the grill with the simplest of seasonings, butter, lemon and garlic.  They also packaged some for individual servings by placing portions in foil packets.  The fish was placed on top of asparagus spears, then topped with onion, fresh lemon rings and dill.  Then melted butter was spooned over before sealing up the packets and placing on the grill.  The results were a resounding success and utterly delicious.