Gingerbread House Cake

This is more of a how-to rather than a recipe.  The idea for this cake when was spurred I saw a similar image in a magazine. It can be done using your favorite recipe for gingerbread cake, or you can simply purchase a pre-made vanilla cake with white frosting. I was short on time, so that’s exactly what I did here. I made the little gingerbread houses by cutting them freehand from gingerbread cookie dough and baked them. Then, I adhered them by pushing gently into the frosting on the cake to go completely around. I put a few on top then garnished with rosemary sprigs and cranberries. You could sugar the rosemary and cranberries as well. That is it!  I would recommend that the cake you make or buy should be taller rather than a typical 9″ two layer cake. If you are baking your own, I would recommend using 8″ or even 6″ pans and make three layers.