My tip for keeping the car clean (on the inside!) during those snowy months

When the snow really flies around here, it gets into everything and all that grit and slop that comes with it wreaks havoc with the car mats.  The fabric absorbs all that melting snow and now your feet are soaking in wet floor mats, not to mention that they are impossible to dry.  Of course I realize that there are rubber floor mats out there, but the problem remains – when the snow melts on them it runs off the mats and again into the cloth ones.  I solved this issue by placing a towel on them.  The towel absorbs the wet and can just be taken out and laundered regularly.  This keeps your feet dry and prevents the melted snow and grime from soaking your floor mats.

I want to emphasize however, please be careful not to get them bunched up on the drivers side, you want to avoid them getting stuck under or around the gas or brake pedals!

I always keep a stack of old towels in the trunk of the car.  They can come in handy in emergencies, especially if you have small children spilling drinks or whatever!   When my children were younger, it seemed there was always someone getting car-sick and the inevitable stomach flip-flop.  The towels came in extremely handy and once again they could be laundered or just thrown away.