our happy place.  Traditions, warmth and welcome.

Home is a feeling. It radiates fond memories of countless holidays, birthdays, milestone celebrations and after school projects.  It’s also simply seeing the beauty in the everyday.  It’s where your stories are written, the place where you belong.

Each season brings with it celebrations, holidays, weather – all playing a vital role as to how we live and play.  So many can relate to the feeling of cold weather coming upon us in Autumn.  Long cooked winter meals, football and a crackling hearth.  Shortened days, the rustle of leaves, the scent of candles burning inside a jack-o-lantern.  The sounds, smells and tastes that all come together to create a feeling.  This is your home, your good life.

I would like to share with you my ways to make each day a celebration, make the ordinary extraordinary, and how to be organized and efficient and enjoy living for the moment.

I extend my invitation to you to come inside and experience home…Welcome!

Month to Month Inspiration

January 2017

Aaaahhhh, January.  The serene stillness, much like the picture of the abandoned sleigh above, a reminder of the joyous festivities just past.  January is a great month for taking stock.  Fresh starts and promises for the coming year. The word “resolution”, comes with so much pressure, almost a set-up for failure.  Instead  make this the month you choose to do something just for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a year-long commitment.  Just something that will enhance your happiness.  Refresh a room in your home.  Tackle some challenging recipes.  Try writing (a forgotten art!), or even painting, take a walk on a quietly snowy morning – without ear buds!  You’ll be amazed at how something simple and/or creative can affect your well-being.  Your inner joy will be evident to your family and those around you as well.  Embrace the calmness of January.

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