Removing Blood Stains

When we first moved into our new home, my son had a nose bleed – in the playroom with the white carpet – what was I thinking?!  Anyway, I didn’t go crazy and allowed him to see another day because I learned of this foolproof method.  Hydrogen Peroxide.  That’s it, hydrogen peroxide.  Do not ‘work’ the stain beforehand.  Simply pour hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain.  You will immediately see a foaming action.  When the foaming stops, blot the stain with some slight pressure, if on carpet.  It may not all come out right away, so then pour a little more each time blotting until it is gone.  No need to follow with any rug cleaning products as the hydrogen peroxide is as pure as it gets.  This can be used for laundry as well.  Treat the stains in a sink and do not dilute with water until the stain is sufficiently gone, then launder as usual.

Hydrogen peroxide is so inexpensive, I always keep several bottles on hand in the laundry room.