Removing Candle Wax from Linens and Candlesticks

I am certain that everyone has had candle wax drip on their table linens before, and naturally it crept its way down the candlesticks or dripped onto them along the way.  Here is a foolproof method that has always worked for me.  Simply place your crystal, silver, glass, pewter, marble, wood candlesticks or holders into the freezer.  Walk away and go do something else.  When they are sufficiently frozen, remove them and the wax should simply flake off with some nudging with your fingernail or a toothpick.  Any ‘smudge’ that is left can be washed off with soapy hot water or place in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.  It’s that simple.

To remove candle wax from linens, follow these steps.  First scrape or peel off any “thick” deposits.  Then at the ironing board, place 2-3 paper towels under the wax stain on the fabric.  Place 2-3 paper towels on top of it as well (creating a ‘sandwich’ of paper towel, fabric, paper towel).  Then with the iron turned up high, iron the paper towel using a slight back and forth motion.  The wax will melt and be absorbed by the paper towels.  Move the paper towels or replace as needed until all the wax has been melted and absorbed.  Then wash the linens as usual.

No need to fret over candle wax again!