Styling a Bar Cart

I’ve linked this bar cart on my page. You can shop it here

The classic bar cart has made a big resurgence as of lately and those made of wicked and/or rattan are more popular than ever, especially for the summer season. They seem to exude that vision of life on the veranda and elegant cocktails! Here are a few things to consider when styling your drink cart. 

1. Consider where you’ll use your bar cart most and choose materials that can handle weather if being used in an outdoor area. 

2. Reserve space for bottles that are used frequently and are somewhat attractive. Include sparkling waters as mixers. 

3. Use attractive glassware and bar tools. Keep accessories corralled together but easily accessible. Use shatterproof glassware if you’re using outdoors. Look for some of my choices on The Hive Shop!

4. Have a carafe of a mixer handy as well for those opting for a mocktail. Add elements such as fruit, sprigs of mint, napkins and swizzle sticks for extra color.

5. Try to display using various heights and containers. A cute small pedestal can be used to contain the smaller items. Trays can be handy to keep like items together. Cloth place mats can also be used to absorb condensation and add a boost of color.

6. Consider what you’ll be serving. Will you need a cocktail shaker or an ice bucket?