Here it is! The Summerhouse Shared Girls Bedroom.

The photos above show the accessories that became vital to pulling off the theme I was going for.

Remember this little table from an earlier post? This was my inspiration piece for re-doing a shared girls bedroom in a summer camp.

Well here are the results.  This little table became my inspiration because of the bamboo type accent and the vibrant gold.  Suddenly I saw the whole room as having a “Palm Beach-y/Lilly Pulitzer” feeling.  I immediately set out to procure my accessories.  Adorable pineapples, flamingo sheets, elephants, gold accents and naturally, pillows.  The walls were painted a Benjamin Moore eggshell paint in “Spring Wisp”, a lemongrass type of color.  The room already had the green carpet.  It was in tough shape after years of traffic.  However, since we were on somewhat of a budget, I chose to cover it with a sisal bordered rug that came within 1 1/2′ from the walls (carpet never gets worn on the perimeters because of furniture, etc.).  My only dilemma was that the room had to accommodate 3 twin beds.  Two certainly would have been ideal, but 3 girls share this room.  It worked out perfectly since the closet has shelves on either side which the girls use to store things that need to be folded.  Since this is a summer house, clothing is minimal, the closet is very large and can accommodate all three girls’ things.  I put a small piece of furniture inside that houses hair accessories, etc.  The doors of the closet were the typical 1970’s light wood sliders.  I decided to paint them white to brighten up the room.  The only thing I am still working on is the window treatment which I will keep simple (and blog when ready).  I am more than pleased with the results.  See below, each picture can be made larger by clicking on it.  Enjoy looking at them!


I found this little greeting card and was so drawn to it. Put it in a cute frame and it became the final accessory to top it all off. Note the flamingo – too cute!