Re-styling a traditional chair

Well I guess this is a “which came first scenario – the chicken or the egg”.  Often I come across fabrics that I just fall in love with and have to find a use for!  I was super inspired by the ginger jar fabric in the bright lime green and blue, and as luck would have it, I came across this chair that is in great shape, but has an otherwise very dated fabric.  Unfortunately, the ginger jar fabric pattern is just too large – darn!  But I did find others that are equally as great, and am having a hard time choosing.  I am going to paint the wood on this chair a very glossy black and want a bright fabric that will pop against it.  The fabric choices I have narrowed it down to are below.  Stay tuned…..


Well the dark navy fish won out – and here is the result!  The white gimp creates a loud contrast against the gloss black frame.  I couldn’t be more pleased.