A Fall Inspired Countertop Display

It’s definitely time for pumpkins and colored leaves! I created this dramatic arrangement for my fall kitchen vibe. All the elements are faux and dried. Add a little burlap for texture and there you have it, Autumn in an Urn!

A way to display all those cute ‘little’ Christmas items

I was inspired by a fellow Instagram Account to create this tabletop display in my kitchen. I had the carousel and was actually thinking of getting rid of it! I made a display of similarly themed small items. It’s a great way to corral those “little” items we all know and love, but never know where to put them to keep them from looking clutter-y.

Sleighs in the House!

My beautiful antique sleigh, which I lovingly restored, comes into the house for the holidays.

I do have an affinity for sleighs. This one I found at Hobby Lobby and filled it with beautiful greens and snowy pine cones. It makes just the perfect tabletop display. Add tiny lights, the battery operated types, for an extra glow-y effect!

Nutcrackers in the Kitchen!

I try to mix things up from time to time. This year I put my favorite nutcracker in my rusty urn (he fit perfectly!) and surrounded him with greens and candy colored picks from Hobby Lobby. I love the result which takes up a corner in my kitchen.
More nutcrackers! I always use this urn on my island. This year I added the spike in the middle for more height. It is actually an outdoor decor, but I opted for inside this year.

A little counter tree in the kitchen

This little tree is a new addition this year. It is a flocked tree in a tin container, which conveniently fit into my Spode urn. I decorated it with soft blues, greens and snowy silver balls. Having it on the counter just makes me smile.

A Fall Cornucopia

Just had to share my fall cornucopia that I found at @HomeDepot for a bargain!! I paired it with my Turkeys and my ever-present pig for a festive corner in the kitchen. Just goes to show, you never know what you’ll stumble upon!

My favorite indoor fall arrangement

I use this urn throughout the year with different elements to suit the season. My little pumpkin person is one of my favorites to perch amongst the foliage and such. I love to create a large statement arrangement like this, the key however is to find the most realistic silk and faux items as possible. Happy Fall!