September 2016

September…..on my calendar, always the one that really marks the beginning of the year.  The weather has predictably hinted of cooler temperatures and the days are markedly shorter.  For me personally, this year is poignant.  My eldest child is out in Utah for her first year of college (we live in the northeast), pretty far for most parents.  However, I’ve had three years ‘training’, so to speak, since she has been away at ski academy chasing her ultimate goal of the US national team in her discipline.  Still, the melancholy settles in as I muse over the fact that she is now truly onto her next chapter…….as are so many of my friends.  Undoubtedly the next stage of life.  Nonetheless the beginning of many more experiences to be had.  Regardless, September is always sentimental.  I so remember that first school bus ride.  Like any typical parent, we recorded it all, and in succession, each child as they, and we, experienced the same.  The sentimentality of the moment never lost.   Life is truly a journey of experience and emotion, the essence of life.  The result of what carves away to our completeness.  Hold on and live the ride.  The results, whatever they may be, heartbreak, joy, love, happiness, will create your ultimate bliss.

August 2016

Hard to believe, but here we are in August already.  Summer in the northeast is fleeting.  Long days as the sun rises very early and lingers well into the evening.  Days filled with kids activities, camps, sports, vacations and entertaining. Summer is the time to enjoy, have fun and license to sit back on a shady porch or hammock and just ‘be’.  The vegetable garden is thriving despite the drought that has been plaguing our area this summer, and as evidenced above the tomatoes are turning.  August is the time to drink in all that remains of the season and fortunately there is still plenty of it.  Soon enough it will be back to school and all that it entails, so for now, make the most of these wonderful days.

July 2016

Summertime wishes.  Each year we release these into the night air on the fourth.  So magical.  Something about summer nights.  The warm air on suntanned skin, the cool breeze that makes you reach for that sweater.  Watching the moon come up.  Days spent at camps, lakes and the ocean.  Whatever your summer tradition, it seems we squeeze the most out of the long days and evenings.  July is here and summer is definitely into full swing.  My tidbit this month?….Enjoy, be mindful of now.  The season is fleeting so take it all in.  Soak in, July.

June 2016

As a parent, I think we tend to start and end our calendars with the school year.  I’ve mentioned this before with my September posts.  This year I am experiencing my first high school graduate and I have to admit, I know I’m sentimental, but I was not ready for the onslaught of such emotion.  Seeing many of the children I’ve known since Pre-K, grown up and moving on in their lives has caught me reminiscing for weeks!  Hearing the echoed cliché in my head, “they grow up quickly”, cannot possibly ring more true.  It wasn’t quickly, it was more like lightning speed!  At one point we are buried in diapers, strollers, lunch boxes and play-dates, and the next moment we are out on college visits.  It truly happens that quickly.  I would have never believed it, but with 4 children, I’m living it!!  June has never before been so bittersweet.  At once an end and a beginning.  Congratulations graduates, your time has come.  Carpe Diem!

May 2016

I found this lovely little watercolor on Pinterest, (  I think it says all there needs to be said!  I think everyone can relate to opening the windows after a long winter.  The first wafting of fresh air through the house, the unavoidable first ‘SLAM!’ of one of the bedroom doors upstairs when a stiff breeze brazenly enters. Aaaahhhh, the smell, the feel, the joy, the warmth.  Driving along a beautiful stretch of road one day, I saw a car pulled over, the trunk was open and spread out wide were all the necessities for a day of plein air painting.  An elderly man sat on a make-shift stool, wearing a slouchy hat and a large shirt over a t-shirt, sleeves sloppily rolled-up.  Easel before him, he sat quietly painting the beautiful view of the valley and farms below.  I thought to myself, in our hurry up world, what a great way to just toss aside the chores and sieze the day.  I encourage you in this beautiful season, when the earth re-awakens to try to grab a moment, hour, day to yourself.  Take in the view.  Open the windows.

April 2016

April showers bring May flowers it is said.  Here in the northeast we have had such a mild winter that the May flowers are coming a little earlier than usual.  Nonetheless, it’s always nice to see some color again.  Every now and again there is a day that is warm enough to open some windows and invite the fresh air into the house.  Out with the old, in with the new, the fresh, the turn of another season.  Us gardeners feel the excitement of another growing season.  We can’t wait to get going, planting, pruning, planning.  Outdoor house projects are ready to be tackled.  It’s like waiting for the start of a race.  However, April can be fickle, and the unexpected cold snap and snow flurries cannot be ruled out.  Not to worry, the days are noticeably longer and the buds are thickening.  Spring is certainly here.  Use April to make your plans, the warm weather will be here soon enough.

March 2016

If your anything like me, you probably felt like last week was the beginning of February, you blinked and now it’s March!  Somehow March comes creeping in from the sidelines and suddenly it’s here!  I’ve said it before I know, but I do feel like March is the beginning to the end.  The end of winters’ icy grip and shortened days.  Hope does spring eternal and I feel March brings that hope.  I have already composed my spring “to do” list for inside and out and made my plans for the garden, even though that is a solid month or so away.  My decorating projects taken on last month are almost done and that alone gives a fresh perspective, (look for updates in Décor).  As nature slowly awakens so too do our senses to a certain excitement of warmer and longer days ahead.  The maple sap has started to run, the days are gradually getting longer and the birds are changing their song.  March is here.

February 2016

Groundhogs, valentines, presidents, and this year….voting caucuses!! Seems like a lot to pack into the shortest month of the year, but lets face it, we are a nation of achievers and do-ers.
We like action, celebration, busy-ness.  At this time of the year, much of the nation is still buried in a blanket of white, but make no mistake, that doesn’t mean we are indoors.  Those living in wintry climes tend to make the most of it – get outside and do all the “S’s”……ski, snowboard, skate, snowmobile, snowshoe, sled, slip, slide and yes, shovel!  Plenty to do for sure.  As evidenced by my ski room above – we too are very into getting out there……weekend warriors they call us, into living life fast and full.  This is the time of year I also seem to get itchy to have a decorating project.  In my travels (in stores or on the web), something invariably inspires me and I have to do it.  I think this year it will be my home office….hhmm.  I’ll keep you posted.  So before this month slips by, get out, get inspired and I’ll try my best to get you motivated as well.  Happy February!

January 2016

Another year over, a new one just begun.  A fresh start, a new beginning.  For whatever reason, we all like newness and a chance to begin again.  It gives us a sense of relief and comfort to put the old behind us and resolve to do better this time.  The quiet and calm that accompany January are conducive to this as well, a time for reflection.  I always like the quiet of January, the holidays are over, the decorations are carefully put away, waiting to be unwrapped once again in another magical season.  The quiet falling snow beckons us to retreat indoors and be cozy, perhaps after a day enjoying winter sports. Resolve to make this your month to do something for yourself, whatever that may be which gives you fulfillment or purpose, or just clears your mind.  Strap on some snowshoes and take a stroll through a wintry landscape.  De-clutter a closet or read that book you’ve been putting off.  Now enter peaceful January.


Our Christmas Tree - typically between 14 - 17' tall. 

Our Christmas Tree – typically between 14 – 17′ tall. 

Can anything set the “mood” quite like music?  When we hear those first few Christmas carols it can instantly make us feel ready for the season.  Somehow this year, all the holidays seem to be coming quicker than usual and now here we are into December, ready to celebrate all of our respective holidays and begin to reflect on the end of another year.  Time is fleeting and making the most of every moment feels even more important at this time of year, the season of family traditions and lifetime memory-making.  One of our traditions is to cut a Christmas tree on our property.  We cut it on Thanksgiving morning, bring it up to the house and set it up the day after Thanksgiving.  That weekend is devoted entirely to decorating the house and instantly we are into the Christmas season!  This month I will try to inspire you with decorating and entertaining ideas and ways to organize yourself so that the typical holiday pressures are lessened.  Whatever your traditions, may you enjoy the closeness of family and  enjoy the beauty of the season.  My wishes for a glorious holiday season to all.  Peace.